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Dress with Success

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Services for all the Bridal Party

Colour Analysis

Colour analysis is suitable for any of the bridal party. By looking at hair colour, eye colour and skin tone I will be able to advise on what colours of clothes and make-up suit each of your colouring type. Not only will the tips help find various colours to make you all look radiant on the wedding day, all the information given can be applied to your every day wardrobe as well.

A colour analysis will demonstrate:

  • Why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others
  • What your dominant colouring is and how this determines what colours suit you
  • How to wear and combine colours to achieve the look you want both for the wedding & your wardrobe
  • How to coordinate your wardrobe and achieve more looks with each of your wedding outfits
  • How best to wear the colours you already have
  • A complete make-up in the right colours with tips on the make-up that suits you naturally

Duration:   2 Hours

Price:           £145 pp

Includes:    a personal 42 colour fabric swatch wallet

Style Consultation 

Taking into account your body shape, proportions, personality and budget, I can advise on the best wedding outfit and accessories.

A style consultation will show you how to:

  • Select the most flattering styles and fabrics for your body shape
  • Emphasise what you like about your body and disguise what you don’t
  • Achieve a perfect fit for your wedding outfit and every time you buy clothes
  • Express your personality through your special occasion wear as well as your everyday wardrobe
  • Develop a coordinated wardrobe so you get maximum usage from it
  • Dress with confidence, whatever the occasion
  • Reduce time and frustration looking for the perfect outfit

Duration:    2 hours

Price:         £125 pp

Includes:   a personal 28-page style workbook

Bridal Image Consultation

The Consultation will include:

Full colour analysis (as above), with special focus on the right shades for your wedding attire

  • Discovering the perfect dress to suit your colouring, shape, style personality and wedding theme
  • Ideas for veils, tiaras, headdresses and jewellery to suit your scale and proportions
  • Suggested hairstyles to suit your face shape
  • A full make-up application in the colours that suit you best

Duration:    3 and half hours

Price:         £250 pp

Includes:     42 colour swatch wallet your bridal style guide copy of Be a Beautiful Bride                            

Gift Vouchers Available for all services

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