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Dress with Success

07920 103375                   [email protected]

Colour Analysis Consultation

Wearing the wrong colours can drain your skin and your mood so wearing the right colours can make you look younger and healthy and give you renewed positivity. A colour consultation will include;

  • Using colour to enhance your personality
  • How to wear your most flattering colours
  • The make-up shades that suit you naturally
  • What your dominant, secondary and tertiary colouring is and which shades compliment your natural colouring
  • How to coordinate your wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations

Duration:   2 hours

Price:        £145​

Includes:    your personal 42 colour swatch wallet

Wardrobe Audit

A wardrobe audit includes;

  • Assessing items for fit and colour
  • Declutter clothes, accessories
  • Create new looks
  • Discard items for charity or to sell
  • Recommend pieces for tailoring
  • Reorganization 

Price:      £70per hour

Personal Shopping

Save money - you won't buy things that will hang in the wardrobe unworn, you'll simply buy things you will actually wear and look good in. I will show you how to co-ordinate the colours and styles in your wardrobe. 

Price:     £70 per hour

              then £45 per additional hour

Personal Stylist for Women and Men,

Harlow Essex

Pictures by colourmebeautiful